Program…all the way..

So how did the first week of my diet go?? Well, 1kg (2Lb) less!! So, yes a good start!!  Had one or two days when I slipped and ate more than what was necessary, but managed to curb my cravings!!

What did I learn from this week??  To program everything:deciding what to eat, shopping at the food store, how to cook my meals etc.. How I see it, a diet should, as well as enable you to loose weight, teach you new healthier habits in regards to your food intake.  If, like me, you find yourself a lot overweight, it probably means you acquired a lot of bad habits, that need to be changed.  The way I work is that to change my wrong habits I need to program everything.  I need to be more aware to the choices I am making till it comes naturally, even if I have to become obsessive about reading food labels, weighting everything I eat and finding thinks to do when I get my cravings!!

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