the dreaded scale

So, I am obese. there is not much to say: I weigh in at 87.2kg (that is to say 192lb or nearly 14 stone!!).  How didi it happen? Well, lets face it: overeating, sitting around all day (I am a student and teach English language). Well, nothing new under the sun.

Looking at old photographs I was actually thin till my early twenties : I steadily weighed below 60 kg (122 lb), moved around a lot, active and happy (not everything was ok, but I was satisfied with the life I had).  So what happened?? Well, wrong choice of degree when I was 18. My parents put a lot of pressure on me to do medicine and I got into medical school in Milan (which by the way, you didn’t have to be motivated to pass, you just needed enough intellect to get through the entrance exam – no prior work experience needed!!!).  I didn’t cope with the studying, the pressure to do well, didn’t like the subjects and hated ward duties and b the end didn’t finish the degree, run away from home and went to live with the man who is now my husband.  I became an emotional eater and used food and the weight I had to, well, hide my failings.  Now emotionally am back on track (psychotherapy) and I am ready to loose the weight for good.

Lucily now I have a second chance in life as I have managed to enroll in civil engineering and happy (although struggling with some exams, but I suppose it is normal – it is not an easy degree!!).  I am looking for a part time job, but luckily money not a big issue at the moment!!

ok so lets go: todays weigh in: 87.2kg   So what to do now? I have given it some thought and here is my plan:

short term:

1)balanced diet: 1400/1500kcal

2)exercise plan: after looking throw books and sites on the net a good shot is to do 3 aerobic sessions 3 times a week (40min to an hour was thinking low impact aerobics) and three toning sessions (weight workouts) and generally be more active (walk more!!!)

medium/long term:

1)maintain a healthy balanced eating plan

2)start running: one thing I always wanted to do is to run a marathon, but guess what: no go if you have all those pounds on!! If I find it fun (yes, I know a lot of people who find marathons fun!!!) my aim would be to run one a year till my health allows me to do so!!

my weight goals are:

Ideally 54/55kg (118.8 – 121lb) – ideal weight to run a marathon for someone my height (1.65m).

happy with 57kg (125.4lb)

would accept a max weight of 60kg (132lb)!!

My psychologist suggested to me to make three goal weights since it may take a lot of effort to loose those last pounds and to reconsider what I should accept as a maintenance weight.

So lets see how this week goes and where this journey will take me!!

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2 Responses to the dreaded scale

  1. Bart says:

    I wish you good luck! The two bits of “generic” advice I can give – meaning it is important for me; your mileage may vary – is to a) not be overambitious (slower changes seem to be more sustainable) and b) never, ever give up, even if there seem to be some temporary setbacks. You can only fail if you give up!

    The idea of an “ideal weight” and a “weight I am okay with” is a good one, too.

    • thank you very much for your advice!!! I also believe that slower is better!! It means you lean how to eat better in the long run!! I read about the “ideal weight” and the “weight I’m ok with” on a CBT on diet book: it stated that if you set these different goals at the begging it means you are happier with the result of the weight loss and don’t get hooked on a number that you might not reach!!

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